Dr. Tiziano Pacini

Dr. Prof. Tiziano Pacini
Degree in Biological Sciences – Qualification in Orthopedic Techniques
Current Assignments:

  • Contingent Teacher of Postural Ergonomics at the  Sport and Health College of Sofia - Bulgaria
  • Director of the "Experimental Center for  research and development in Postural Ergonomics"



Dr. Elisabetta De Juliis

Dr. ssa Elisabetta De Juliis
Degree in Biological Sciences Qualification in Orthopedic technique




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The Postural Center dedicates its resources and energy to the study and ergonomic correction of human posture. Our reference staff  is made up of a dedicated scientific team including Biologists specialized in the Ergonomic Study of human posture, Orthopedic Technicians and  Ergonomists  specialized in the study and implementation of ergonomic “tutoring” systems.

In each reference Center, Doctors of different specializations are put at client’s disposal for consultation on clinical and diagnostic matters and for any therapeutic treatments, should the subject need medical advice.

Our Centers make use of barapodometric measurements, that is, of force platforms whose data, processed and interpreted by the Postural Center scientific team are used for the design and implementation of biomechanical - ergonomic devices suitable for postural recovery; that is, for the improvement of gravitational field management by an individual.

Our Centers can also define all those ergonomic-rehabilitative activities which will be of assistance to a specialist and useful to complete and support medical treatments.

Our Centers, on the basis of results derived from Biomechanical, Anthropometric and Ergonomic Studies on posture, and with the assistance of a technical team, can design and implement “tutoring” systems. These “tutoring” systems will enable the subject to fall again within “normal” parameters. All doctors are extremely important, at this stage. Their interventions start with detection of a painful symptomatology and develop in close cooperation with our Centers for Postural Correction.

This is a real external staff. Their synergic contribution is essential, both for defining a common therapeutic target based on Biomechanical, Anthropometric and Ergonomic Data analysis and on the examination of resulting technical interventions, and also for preventing troubles associated with postural attitudes.